Chronicles of Ryebone

Chip Truck: Mr. Jerry's Food Truck

A few weeks back I was asking people's recommendations on chip trucks in the area; most came back with local ones that I've visited regularly in town, but I was most interested in the ones that are a "short" drive away. My coworker lives in the Napanee area and told me there is always a lineup for a place near the Wal-Mart. Although he's never been there, or knows what's there, that's a promising lead.

I took to Google Maps last Saturday morning to scout the location out; while I didn't see anything near Wal-mart, there was a Mr Jerry's Food Truck on the map across the street, in the Canadian Tire parking lot. Close enough!

About five or six years ago there was a chip truck in this same spot, that used to be in Springside Park many years ago (late 90s). So I half expected this one to be the same place, but renamed. This did not appear to be the case.

I took the 401 from Kingston to Odessa, where I got onto Highway 2 all the way through to Napanee. It's a nicer weekend drive, and the weather was pretty decent. Lathered with sunscreen, I saw the big green truck from the road and made my way into the Canadian Tire parking lot and found myself face to face with the very high counter of the truck. 

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