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K&P Trail - May 12, 2019

The section of the K&P Trail from Bur Brook Rd to Corduke Rd has always been one of my favourites (so far) as it rides along a sloped forest that highlights the rail roots of the trail. Heading north from Bur Brook, is a fairly steady incline all the way through; although you spend more time going west than north, you get to appreciate the wide curve that these trains had to take on, and marvel at how much power it would have taken to climb this particular grade - which I assume maxes out about 2%. 

This is my first time in quite a few years walking this section of the trail in full, as I typically take my bicycle here - and even then, it's been half a decade. With all the flooding in the province this month it was no surprise to see a lot of running water here: near the top of the section water flows in a nice stream right beside the trail, threatening to overtake it at time. The exit for the Rideau trail is waterlogged and you get to really appreciate that much of this rail bed has been raised quite a ways off regular ground level.

Near the halfway mark, the mosquitos came out in full force in sections, but oddly enough on the way back, those same sections were devoid of the annoyance. Maybe the gradual decline meant I was moving a bit faster, or the wind managed to pick up? Either way, I didn't stop at all in this outing, opting to rely on the quick shutter speed of my phone's camera to grab a few pictures. The threat of rain was ever looming and I am happy to report I stayed dry.


Distance: 4.15km
Elevation Gain: 28m
Elapsed Time: 53.14
Moving Time: 53.14

Tags: Kingston, ygk, K&P Rail Trail, Nature Walk

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