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Lemoine Point - May 3, 2019

Friday evening brought a quiet, post-rain coolness to Lemoine Point, so it was time to venture out into the conservation area for the first time in a few years. On the drive there I was concerned about the bugs, specifically, those midges that float about in so many numbers this time around (they make that walk from the parking lot to the building that much worse when heading into the office). Of greater concern would be the mosquito's, but I wasn't entirely convinced it was late enough in the season for them to show up.

The northern parking lot was pretty empty, considering it was around 6:30pm, so I considered strongly that the insects would be too much to bear, but that wasn't going to stop me this evening. To my pleasant surprise, there were none. Well, not at first. The starting point of the main trail (trail #5) leads you directly into the woods, and as you follow along, it opens up to the large fields closer to the southern parking lot. This is where the bug started up; although there seemed to be plenty of mosquitos, they weren't necessarily biting. It helped that I was bundled up with a fleece and long pants.

I was anticipating some water on the trail and didn't find any until this southern section, and there was plenty of it. The westbound section of trail 5 was drenched with numerous, large puddles blocking progress. Fortunately, most of them could be avoided by stepping off the gravel into the grass for a few steps, although it was a bit mucky. I took the first opportunity to join trail #1, which led back into the forested area of Lemoine Point. Oddly enough, there were NO bugs in here at all, which was really great.

Trail 1 follows the coast and affords a few views, but I felt the urge to press on, only stopping a few times for photos. The skies were grey, casting a coolness to both the air and colours of the area, otherwise these would be great places to catch a sunset. 

The trail in the woods was muddy, but not excessively so. There were portions of the trail that seemed to have a thin layer of mud throughout, making every step a touch slippery, but not muddy enough to sink into by any means.

As you head north, trail 1 gets closer to the waterfront and the forest opens up. It's also quite a bit lower terrain here, which means the water would be worse. I had only seen a couple of bikers along trail 5 earlier, so I was suprised to hear myself catching up to a group of teenagers. As I crested a small hill, I could see where the forest opened up and the kids were navigating, with varying success, through largely flooded sections of the trail. They were all laughs though as I imagined their shoes filling with water. Not wanting to try that myself, I took a side trail that connected trails 1 and 5, and it was along this section that I encountered a rather brave squirrel. I took a few shots as it approached, and got closer to a point that I was unsure it wasn't going to jump up my leg. These squirrels must have been well fed from other travelers on this trail! I shook my foot so that it retreated a bit, then got some video with my phone and continued my journey.

Before I knew it, I was back at the parking lot and had a look at the time: just an hour had passed by. 

Distance: 4.29km
Elevation Gain: 20m
Elapsed Time: 59:12
Moving Time: 55:20


Tags: lemoine point, Kingston, ygk, Nature Walk

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