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K&P Trail: Murton Rd to Highway 38 - 2019 06 03

While it was enjoyable to walk/hike the K&P Trail initially, I was pretty keen to jump on my bike for the longer sections. The issue itself is probably the one-way nature of the trail: a loop provides a constant change of scenery, wherein a straight path like this one forces you to double-back on yourself. A terribly insignificant complaint, but still, there it is.

My second outing with my bike on the K&P Trail would be from Murton Road all the way to Highway 38, with a total round-trip of nearly 14km. There were some options though, as the trail gets split into different sections:

1. Murton to "The Bridge"

2. The Bridge to "The Split"

3. The Split to Highway 38.

In this case, the bridge is located a few kilometers north of Murton Rd, and allows the trail to pass over some marshland with some fine views. After the bridge, the trail climbs uphill continuously until you hit the split, which is more of a junction where the K&P Trail meets the Cataraqui trail. From that junction and on westward, the two trails become one. They split again in Harrowsmith, just past Highway 38, at which point the K&P continues north and the Cataraqui continues west.

There was a time when I could easily knock out 10+km without much effort, but alas, those days seem to be far in the past. This was a grueling ride (ok, maybe grueling is too strong a word here) for me and an outing that really made me question my own fitness levels (they are already quite poor). As I seemed to climb for miles at a time, I became acutely aware of how my bike saddle does not fit me properly, and I would pay the price for a few days post-ride. On the trail though, I required many more stops than I would be accustomed to, but one I should not be embarrassedĀ about: after all, stopping more frequently allows me to rest a bit, but also to grab some photos, which is arguably more important than setting my turtle-like speed records.

In addition to this being a test of the mind, it was a reminder of some issues on my bike. Most significantly was that my rear brakes seemed to be misaligned to a point where they would easily rub on the wheel, thereby making my journey that much more difficult. The second issue has been with me for years, and is related to shifting gears; I seem to have to shift twice on one section of the cogs in order to go up at all. (Yes it's true I don't know my bike parts name that well.)

The trail itself is very nice, and I would recommend checking it out. On my return trip a father/son were fishing off the bridge, and I stopped on the other end for a few photos. A few other riders were present on the trail, as were some geese. I saw the geese up ahead as they prepared to cross the path with their goslings; unsure how they would handle my approach, I yelled out for them to "look out please" and they seemed to back off; I sped up past them, figuring it would be more wise to go quickly than give them an opportunity to smack or nip at me to protect their young.

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