Chronicles of Ryebone

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

As my friends were planning a birthday party they reached out to see if I was available on a specific evening to participate in a very specific board game. They wanted to play with me, specifically, which immediately makes me a bit apprehensive and hesitant, as the pressure of having been tagged as someone who woudl enjoy "this type of particular game" staggers me. Without knowing anything about the title itself or even the type of game it is, my feelings are best explained by saying that I am always a bit startled to trust that my friends know me and my interests better than I know myself - which is actually, in retrospect, not that surprising. The night quickly approached and all I knew about the game is it's title: Sherlock (which when I research on Board Game Geek, is actually a touch shortened). Immediately the tales of Holmes come to mind (well, at least the mythos, as I'm not really familiar with specific stories) and the structure of the game loosely imagined: you'll be solving a crime in a Sherlock-ian fashion. 

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A Night of Catan: Seafarers

We've been playing Catan for quite a few months now, nearly every weekend. With the addition of another roomate in the house, we have the ability to play Catan nearly at will (we've never tried two player). So a few Friday's ago, the three of us found ourselves playing the vanilla game of Catan. Red was cleaning up in a serious way, taking all three games. The second game was a farce, perhaps my worst. Myself (Green) and Brown left the board open to Red: we both seemed to bet on six, which just wasn't coming up. It was a slow burn, but Red finally took the win and we moved onto another game where Red cleaned up again.

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