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The Chronicles of Ryebone began as a storytelling blog for my adventures in online Halo 2 matches. I blasted out three posts then abruptly abandoned the site (life commitments, I'm sure) and when it was time to revisit the site, I deleted the posts and moved on with a bit more determination and focus. Some may consider this approach a failure as well: spreading posts out over television, movies, music and video games meant the site didn't really have a strong focus, and hence, would get lost. It hasn't been found since. In all honesty, it's all about writing, and not necessarily for other people: write about what you enjoy and people will come. And so you have: friends, family and strangers on the internet have been visiting the Chronicles for many years now and I always light up with joy when somebody mentions that they read a post, or even watched a movie based on a "review" I put up. 

I've had a great number of sites over the years, from hand-coding it myself to complex content management systems. With the big relaunch around 2007 I went with Blogger: it just worked and would allow me to focus entirely on writing. Fast forward a few years and I'm looking for more. In late 2014 I took the search seriously and begun construction on a whole new platform to end up where we are now: back to a complex content management system that will allow me to do more interesting things with the site, while satiating my tech urges and allowing me to easily publish my short bits of work. 

As of right now, February 2015 I've transferred quite a bit of content over, but we're not done yet. I'm truly surprised and pleased, at how much content there actually is. This is no failure. While there have been dry periods, I've always come back. I'm pleased to present the site with a fresh look and features, and am hoping that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

Oh yeah, we have e-mail now too: 

CoR @ ryebone dot com


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