Chronicles of Ryebone

Chip Truck: Mr. Jerry's Food Truck

A few weeks back I was asking people's recommendations on chip trucks in the area; most came back with local ones that I've visited regularly in town, but I was most interested in the ones that are a "short" drive away. My coworker lives in the Napanee area and told me there is always a lineup for a place near the Wal-Mart. Although he's never been there, or knows what's there, that's a promising lead.

I took to Google Maps last Saturday morning to scout the location out; while I didn't see anything near Wal-mart, there was a Mr Jerry's Food Truck on the map across the street, in the Canadian Tire parking lot. Close enough!

About five or six years ago there was a chip truck in this same spot, that used to be in Springside Park many years ago (late 90s). So I half expected this one to be the same place, but renamed. This did not appear to be the case.

I took the 401 from Kingston to Odessa, where I got onto Highway 2 all the way through to Napanee. It's a nicer weekend drive, and the weather was pretty decent. Lathered with sunscreen, I saw the big green truck from the road and made my way into the Canadian Tire parking lot and found myself face to face with the very high counter of the truck. 

I ordered the usual: a burger and fries, and the helpful woman taking my order turned it into a combo for me to save a little bit. The combo came to $9.75, which seems to be the going rate in the area. When asked, I said to just put mayo on the burger, thinking that I would add some ketchup afterward from the large bottle available to customers. This was perhaps a mistake. Upon receiving the burger, I could instantly feel the components sliding about, making a quick mess of the bun and surrounding area.

There are two picnic tables on the grass beside the truck and I parked myself down at one. With a handful of napkins, I applied some ketchup to the burger and the fries, then another issue took hold: the wind. It was ferocious this day, and keeping everything on the table proved difficult. I quickly got through the burger and can only describe it as fairly plain, and consisting of an unpleasant texture. This may be rude, but without ever having eaten a veggie burger, I feel like I would describe the texture of this burger as that. It's definitely lacking in feeling and taste, especially compared to some of the previous weekend's burgers.

The fries, on the other hand, were fantastic. Served on a plate and spread out, the fries were presented with skins on (I do love my potato skin) and a good array of large fries and small, crispy ones. They had an excellent golden colour and were perfectly hot when I got to them. 

Without the burger on the plate though, it was that much harder to keep the wind from knocking everything over.

In the future, I would stick with the fries but venture into the menu for something else; they had a few pulled pork menu options, including a pulled pork poutine. Unfortunately I failed to get a photo of the menu, but will give it a shot next time.